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better than first place, beast over all, to take everything, become champions, down right pown!
Did you see that band that took sweepstakes!? They straight up PONED everyone
by chrissybabiie24 October 26, 2008
competition usually done at work or with freinds that usually coinicdes with a major sporting event. everyone pays and then picks a participant of said sporting event out of a hat (entrants usually written on paper and screwed up)and the winner usually receivng a alloted sum of money.
"who did you get in the World Cup Sweepstake"
"lucky git I got Saudi arabia"
by rowski May 25, 2006
Place given in marching competition. In a marching band competition a band is awarded this place when they have scored the highest overall in their respected division. This place is considered better than first and is the the most sought after position in all marching competitions.
The marching band did so well in their division today they beat out all the other bands and were awarded sweepstakes.
by Marching Wildcat October 09, 2011
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