A sweedish penis.
Look at bubba's huge sweenis, it the hairest one eyed monster i've ever seen.
by chode johnson September 02, 2003
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when working out and getting soo sweety even your dick is sweatting
"I just came back from the gym and man do i have a sweenis!"
by Scott June 23, 2004
noun- when something is so sweet, it's probably a penis.
Gemma- I've got great boobs!
Kyle- Really?
Gemma- Absolutely!
Kyle- Sweenis, yo.
by keldard January 30, 2011
Sweenis is a loud mouth sailor with a retarded looking jaw.
Sweenis is on a jappering rampage today, somebody get the duct tape.
by wunderer69 April 10, 2009
The penis-shaped bulge that frequently appears when wearing a zip-front sweater. This phenomenon occurs to both sexes.
"Is that your sweenis showing, or are you just happy to see me?"

Or, "Suzy, pull down your shirt, you've got a serious sweenis showing."
by Binxy27 March 17, 2013
When your sweatpants make a bulge that could be mistaken for a penis.
Ben: Hey Liz, nice Sweenis.

Liz: Errrrrmotherrrrr.
by Octavius23466 May 13, 2012

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