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(Pronounced Sweeje) An abbreviation of Silly White Guy - SWeeG. Sweegs are usually awkward, socially accepted but borderline ADHD. Not to be confused with "ceeb", which is an entirely different term on its on.
Person 1- Wow, is that guy dry humping the lockers?
Person 2- What a sweeg....
by al4 November 08, 2009
A contraction for the phrase sweet eggs
Person A: You just won a free taco!
Person B: Sweegs!!!!
by acanz August 25, 2006
The new swag.
You:Its not Swag anymore, it's Sweeg.
by anonymous184637752 March 20, 2011
Nerd swag

Swag possessed only by nerds and/or nerdylike people
Why do you prefer to have higher grades instead of a social life?

I may not have friends, but I have sweeg
by OMGITSLAVASWEEG November 21, 2011
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