to leave a shop without paying
that's a stupid shop to let everyone swedge of 'em like that
by abi and harriets great words April 23, 2005
Top Definition
this is a term used locally here (scotland) but im not in or around the glasgow area. quite far from there.
"i like taking swedge" - i like rolling face
"im swedged" - im rolling face
"im gonna swedge tonight" - im going to be rolling face tonight
by psychostoner December 10, 2006
A faux double edge on the blade of a knife. Excellent for reducing the weight of the blade and balancing. The swedge on many knives can be sharpened for a double edge. It usually only runs 1/4 to 1/2 of the blade length but this is plenty to give the knife the benefits of a double edge.
Sharpening the swedge of my knife into a double edge gave my stiletto blade the agility it needs to slice the corneas of random homeless people.
by P._Bateman August 21, 2011
A word used by Batman whenever he needs to do something specifically with a tool. (ie. clamp, cut, splice, squeeze, etc.)
Give me that tool so I can swedge this together.
by Homme chauve-souris June 01, 2013
Lengthening a piece of tubing with special pliers. Pressure is put down on the tube, in which a rod has be inserted to keep it from collapsing. frequently used in musical instrument repair.
swedge the tube for the key to lengthen it.
by Mark Fischer April 06, 2006
A word meaning absolutely awsome!! Usually used in response to something that one likes the sound of. used a lot by the power 4.
ME: "aight boys, ive got us tickets for that midget rodeo next week"!!.........

REPLY "Swedge"!!
by mattydeebraap December 02, 2010
A moment or occassion of absolute awesomeness that a random word is needed to express your joy. Another Power 4 word left behind for others to continue their legacy
Hey look i've found a turkey behind the couch

Swedge!! Free food!!!

Oh my go theres booze here too!!

No way your Swedgeness Personified!
by smig_as November 29, 2010
To Fight with another person(S). To Swedge.
" I went doon tae the fitba at Easter Road and ended up in a massive Swedge after the Game "
by John Gaskell March 07, 2004
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