A knife, typically used while fighting(or swedgeing)
"Ken I did that boy in last night with ma new swedge."
by Will329 April 09, 2007
I cross between a slice and a wedge.
Brittney will you cut me a swedge of that lime for my shot of tequila? I love orange swedges!
(Often used in the southwest region in places where alcohol has been consumed)
by Timone! December 06, 2007
A little known term for the rolling up of toilet roll and pushing up your butt when you leave the bathroom, but haven't quite finished.

Janie: Derek, are you done in the bathroom yet? Hurry up and get the fuck out!

Derek: Don't you hurry me woman, or i'm going to have to swedge it, and neither of us want that do we.

by mkk lehh! July 10, 2008
The sweaty ledge that connects your ballbag and your taint.
I had to wipe my swedge three times after that run!
by vkallday February 01, 2008
to leave a shop without paying
that's a stupid shop to let everyone swedge of 'em like that
by abi and harriets great words April 23, 2005
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