A woman or man from Sweden. The woman are always hot but not as tall as everyone thinks. The men are also very good looking and are on average 6" or taller. Swedes can be found by asking them about Norway. All Swedes hate Norway because of the natural oil reserves that were found after Sweden gave Norway back to the Norwegians. Swedes are usually blonde but can very between dark blonde to brunette. Do not mistake a swede for a person from Switzerland, we hate that. Us swedes are all good looking and while at the but of every country's jokes, you still want to get with us.
Man, look at that girl, she is so hot.. She has to be a Swede!
by hot_swede November 11, 2009
A truly frightening powerlifter from the United States who can drop 550 pounds on to his chest and not die. I've seen this with my own eyes. He might be immortal.
Don't try to lift that, you ain't Swede.
by CrystalLight December 06, 2014
A commonly random sent message by iphones this could be a word used for something that you were trying to describe as sweet, or maybe even Swedish, but never the less this means you need a new iphone immediately and you should contact your phone company as soon as possible.
Man kevin that picture is really swedes but i think my ihpone might be haunted
by Mr. S-Powers September 28, 2010
One who feverishly avoids any form of work, often times can be found at the DMV during business hours, or surfing Ebay. Loves music groups similar but not limited to the Scorpions, Bonfire, and Montrose. Frequently renown for lying to employees by promising $100 and a day off in trade for working extra days. Incapable of working or even showing up on saturdays. Throws away others recycle and shoes whenever he deems necessary. Often looks up to and models life after a notorious Dutchman known only as Jansen.
Man that Swede is really hard to find that swede bastard must be at the DMV!

Man that swede owes me a hundred bucks!
by Leif Nillson February 19, 2008
What some people around the Atlanta, Georgia area refer to black people as because they figure it's not as offensive as calling the darkies a ni****. It's a way to talk about them without their knowing, because a swede is the completely opposite color of a whitey.
50 points for hittin' the momma swede!
by JimmyWimmy January 17, 2007
An exclamation of appreciation, much like "sweet" but with more emphasis.
"Look at my new car, isn't it hot?"

"Swede, I am seeing that hot guy again this weekend."
by emotard May 25, 2009
a head thats much larger than normal most likely on babies and young children
fuck me look at the swede on that sprog my god it`s a ugly little fucker init,
gob off to me again and you`ll get a slap round your fucking big swede
by mick nicholson August 06, 2007

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