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Ted Nugent, after being all sweaty!
Brendizzle: Alex, did you like the Ted Nugent Concert?
Alex: Yea, I love me some Sweaty Teddy.
by Spyderguy September 04, 2007
After a night of unsatisfying sex, the guy blows his load onto his bare chest. The girl then rolls over and gives him a hug. Assuming the guy is just very hot, the girl may or may not say "wow, you're really sweaty".
"dude that girl could not get me off to save her life, so i ended up giving her a sweaty teddy."
by it really happened December 18, 2007
When screwing your girlfriend an she asks for stranglehold (choke her ) before she's ready to cum
Hey joe last nite as I was screwing my girl she begged for a SWEATY TEDDY so I choked that bitch as she was ready to cum !!
by Louis the pool guy June 09, 2013
Used to describe a person who's appearance is unpopular and has problems with sweating when stressed.
when it comes to sex, your such a sweaty teddy.
by sagacity November 05, 2007

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