some thing you yell, when someone is holding an object or about to catch something and another person hits it down with their hand
Amado came out of no where and swatted the aproaching frisbee thrown by hit the ground and amado yelled "SWAT TEAM!" as he taunted.
by bobby and bijan February 27, 2008
Variation of washing the dog in which one testicle is inserted in a girl's asshole, while the other one is inserted in the girl's vagina. Named after the common police technique of sending one unit through the back, and one through the front. Believed to be of a higher degree of difficulty than washing the dog

"Her ass and her vag where so far apart, I'm pretty sure I sprained my left nut trying to swat team her"
by dahv dahv May 06, 2008
When you are busting through her back door, you pull out, nut in your hand, & then SWAT her in the face.
Yeah last night I SWAT Team'd that ho.
by B-RANDONest85 February 04, 2010
Where a man takes his penis and penetrates a persons asshole without using lubrication.
"Mauricia is walking funny because Eric SWAT Teamed her last night."
by C Murdaaaa January 02, 2010
A hired service upon where someone has an incredible fly/ flying insect problem. These people are of course too lazy and hire a SWAT Team to remove the local infestation from the confines of their own home.
Guy 1: OMG! We have a fly problem!
Girl 1: Of course, weeee're tooo lazy, so let's hire a SWAT Team
by Jack De August 08, 2008
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