this is a description of when your ass getting really swetty. its a combination of sweat and ass. used as a verb, it is when you stick your sweaty ass on someone, usually in the face.
"Demo was pissing my off and wouldn't shut the fuck up up so i swassed him right in the face1'
by stretch May 02, 2003
Discribes someone with a sweaty ass.
Man, after that basketball game the players had some major swass.
by b December 13, 2003
A body odour comming from working type men, which is a combination of sweat and un wiped ass
You need to shower yu smell like swass
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
When perspiration is emitted through the pores in your ass.
After sitting in the hot car for an hour, I busted a mad swass.
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
A combination of the word sweat and ass.
Dude, I've got such swass that I am scared to sit down.
by Okotoks March 25, 2003
Sweaty plus ass would = SWASS. Female definition Swassay.
Swass is when you are riding on the subway in Boston and the aquarium doors open. In comes a blouser weighing in at about 300 plus wearing the wife-beater shirt. He stands up in front of you holding the pole. All you can see and smell is SWASS.
by Iknowwhatiamtalkingabout September 04, 2006
when your ass is too sweaty to be just a regular ass
Oh man, this leather couch is giving me swass.
by Christine Perri July 31, 2005
when you begine to have a sweaty ass (as in perspiration)
after that game i had mad swass
by mirdog June 20, 2005
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