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v. To be nickel-and-dimed by passive-aggressive behavior, particularly by a company that sells products and/or services; to be ripped-off, misrepresented, or billed for unforseen expenses.

The word originated from the Webster Square neighborhood of Worcester, MA, as a result of the widely publicized business practices of the Diamond Chevrolet dealership.

I made sure my boss signed a contract before I started the project, or else I knew he'd Diamond Chevrolet me on my paycheck.

Everyone in Worcester knows someone who has been Diamond Chevrolet'd, so there's no excuse for it to happen to them.

You filthy Diamond Chevroleting rat, you killed my brother...
by MattYouKnowWho April 08, 2008
An affectionate, albeit offensive, slang for the female genitalia. It refers to the top sensory characteristics of the vagina.
I'll have the filet mignon with the garlic potatoes please. Oh and could you bring a side of the albino ticklefish for an appetizer?
by MattYouKnowWho April 03, 2008
To commit a homicide with the deliberate intention of meeting your own demise as a result.
Creepy Jack shot the neighborhood brat with his crossbow just to get himself on death row. Sometimes Suicide by Murder is a great public service.
by MattYouKnowWho March 13, 2010
Swamp Twat. See also Swass and Marathon Snatch
When she stood up her swat left a wet mark on the bench. Gotta love hot days.
by MattYouKnowWho August 09, 2008
The textural, temperal, and aromatic state of a vagina after the woman has run approximately 26 miles.
Don't stand too close to the finish line, there's some mean Marathon Snatch whafting around...
by MattYouKnowWho August 09, 2008
(n. slang) Chinese Food, as pronounced with an Asian accent.
Welcome to Hong Wang's Shiny Eatery! Shiny fu goo fo yoo!
by MattYouKnowWho August 23, 2009
(n). A baby carriage; pram
I just got told-off by some self-entitled single mother for bumping into her genetic dumpster at the mall!
by MattYouKnowWho August 04, 2009

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