The act of inserting one's thumb into another's anus with your fist in a 'thumbs up' manner, continuing in a repetitive 'up and down' fashion.
I plan to do some Swanning. Past Tense - You just got Swanned!
by cheesemonkey101 July 18, 2011
Top Definition
To go roaming around the workplace, typically aimlessly or to see friends.
Frank was never at his desk as he was always swanning.
by James Olcott December 11, 2007
Parading up and down chic, fashionable streets, in constant posing mode, primping and posing for ohers to see and (hopefully)be jealous
Man, check out those bitches swanning up and down, they should sell of some their overpriced threads and invest in mirrors
by woiseau June 13, 2008
Essentially this is a variation of "the Shocker." Swanning occurs when a person places either the pinky and or ring finger into a womans anus while reaching the thumb over the vagina to apply clitoral stimulation. One can imagine the position and reaching of the thumb as the craning of a swans neck.
Woman: My vagina is so sore right now, but I'm kinda horny. Could go for a serious Swanning right now.
by balthadon November 08, 2011
Underwear and tight clothing can restrict and bend the male reporoductive organ during arousal, creating the shape of a swan's neck.
"This beer is so good mate, I'm bloody swanning!"
by LuckNPike September 17, 2015
Swanning is a term for dying. Originally, it only meant twisting yourself in your sheets while asleep and strangling to death. Now it can also mean having swans wrap their necks around you, drag you out into the water to drown, and then using your hair for a nest.
I've had such a bad day at work, I really feel like swanning
by nicksline July 11, 2011
The process of goin up the skirt, down though the underwear und up into the nether regions of a whore on the dance floor in a swan like action. Technique first originated by J.D.R. 8/01/08
"Are you swanning that well buff girl!"
"Jake did you just swan her?" "Yeah bruv, smell my hand!"
by Tom556828 January 16, 2008
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