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a phenomenon that occurs when strenuous activity coupled with sufficient heat causes the ball sack to feel as if it has been submerged in a swamp from which there is no escape.
i sweat so much working in the yard i got a bad case of the swamples.
by Ubermob July 29, 2011
v. - the act of swapping something with another to sample what they have; combination of swap and sample = swample
(this word came about when i accidently typed "swample" for "sample" and my friend and i took it from there and i came up with a definition. i think that everyone should use this word! haha)
a few examples:

when having a meal with someone and they have something on their plate that looks good:
"mind if i swample some fries for an onion ring?"

the mutual sharing of something:
"dan and i swampled cds this weekend."

...and i'm sure anyone with their mind in the gutter could think of some other uses of "swample"...
by samantha, aka: the starcat April 30, 2005
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