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3 definitions by JennBenn

a. A page, picture, or document on the Internet that serves no purpose. spam
b. A person who consumes resources in an office but does no actual work. waste of skin waste of carbon lazy worthless
Frank gets alot of credit around here, but he's a Waste of Bandwidth.
by JennBenn August 12, 2006
The state of an employee when the amount of work is greater than the number of hours in the day.
I'm hoping to get these budgets finished on Thursday; right now I'm just swampled and can't get to them.
by JennBenn August 15, 2006
any Hilton Hotel

"No, I think I'd rather stay at the Marriott. At least there my money isn't going towards Paris' trust fund, like it is at The Dirty Bitch."
by JennBenn August 22, 2006