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When you insert your penis into a girls (or guys) asshole, and leave it inserted for an extended period of time (10-15 minutes for example), until your penis collects a film of feces, creating the effect of a swampy log.
Dude... Jake just gave Scotts girlfriend the swamp log, his dick is sooo nasty.
by Cosmic Ralph June 24, 2009
when you take a dump and your turd is covered with stringy, mossy-looking stuff, a la after you've eaten a lot of lettuce
A took a dump and squeaked out a swamp log the other day.
by waca waca 22 November 24, 2013
swamp log is the term for pulling your penis out of a vagina and sticking it directly in a girls vagina or mouth.
I pulled my penis out of a girls vagina and put it directly in her vagina.I swamp logged her.

I pulled my penis out of a girls vagina and stuck it directly in her mouth. i swamp logged her.
by the swamp logger November 12, 2010
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