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when you have aids and then you get swine flu and pass it to someone else.
Girl 1: Hey what you do yesterday?
Girl 2: i got swaids from my boyfrand.
by DROPDEAD<$$$ May 05, 2009
Swine Flu + AIDS
Jimmy came to work feeling sick. The boss sent him home for fear of the SWAIDS.
by Spin-a-ruptus September 09, 2009
Is a sexy bloke who is not gay and is beast at Cod.
He's also beasst at sex
Rahib: Hey Swaid wanna have sex?
Swaid: Sorry bro, I'm Swaid
by Shaggy24 November 20, 2011
A combination of some of the most feared viruses known to man - Swine Flu & AIDS.
Mr. Lowe, I'm very sorry to tell you that not only do you have Swine Flu, you also have AIDS. SWAIDS.
by olikid March 08, 2010