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A mix between the words "swag" and "wagon".
"Dude, this new wagon I got has so much swag."

"Oh, it's a swagon?"
by JROG Smith September 20, 2012
3 4

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A swag wagon or a wagon filled with swag. Swagons can be found in all major cities, especially NYC
We spent all day looking for the swagons, we found one filled with Top Shop bags.

I am the president of the Swagon Hunters club of NYC
by swagonhunter June 29, 2010
17 5
A station wagon with a lot of swag
"Dude we just ghost rid the swagon"
by IkeCz September 15, 2012
4 1
(n) A person that has a beastly amount of swag.
Comes from the term "Swag-Dragon"
Urban youth 1: "You see Kanye in that new video?!"
Urban youth 2: "Yeah, he a swagon."
by jonesnutz August 16, 2011
2 9