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A swag wagon or a wagon filled with swag. Swagons can be found in all major cities, especially NYC
We spent all day looking for the swagons, we found one filled with Top Shop bags.

I am the president of the Swagon Hunters club of NYC
by swagonhunter June 29, 2010
A station wagon with a lot of swag
"Dude we just ghost rid the swagon"
by IkeCz September 15, 2012
Short for "station wagon". Typically, the term is used by station wagon drivers who possess swag or swagger. Often, for these drivers, by entering their "swagon", they immediately experience a swag overload.
*Enters swagon*
Swagon Driver: "Swagon, swag on."
*Drives away with mad swag*
by Dijon79 March 20, 2014
A mix between the words "swag" and "wagon".
"Dude, this new wagon I got has so much swag."

"Oh, it's a swagon?"
by JROG Smith September 20, 2012
(n) A person that has a beastly amount of swag.
Comes from the term "Swag-Dragon"
Urban youth 1: "You see Kanye in that new video?!"
Urban youth 2: "Yeah, he a swagon."
by jonesnutz August 16, 2011
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