Top Definition
1. a word to describe something when you have no words to describe it.
2. A mixture between swag and magical
that is si swagical!
by luci.kayla.lindsay March 30, 2011
A combination of swag and magical. Prounced as swajical.
"That movie was swagical!" or "that ride was so swagical!"
by jammasterk February 28, 2014
another word describing your swag. kind of magical except on a higher level of awesome B)
a swagical princess is on the way
by anonymous ninja QK April 05, 2011
adv. full of swag, swagalicious, swagtastic
The way Fantastia moved across that dancefloor, with a fourloko clasped in her sexy fingers, was swagical.
by MistaL8NiteLuda June 30, 2011

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