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Thug Puppy
Thuppie 1: "Have you heard of smang?"
Thuppie 2 "Duh. Lemme smang it. Smash it and bang it."
by MistaL8NiteLuda July 26, 2011
Demeaning remarks toward an individual due to the fact that he/she is a homosexual.
Emma: Wow, Drew, I'm really surprised you caught that ball.
Drew: That's gaycism. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't catch balls. Stop being gaycist, Emma.
Emma: You can't if they're not going in or around your mouth.
by MistaL8NiteLuda June 30, 2011
Mobile Upload (usually to Facebook)
Emma was bored at the Rihanna concert so she decided to mupload her pics instead.
by MistaL8NiteLuda June 30, 2011
adv. full of swag, swagalicious, swagtastic
The way Fantastia moved across that dancefloor, with a fourloko clasped in her sexy fingers, was swagical.
by MistaL8NiteLuda June 30, 2011

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