A mix of Sweep (Sweepstake) and Raffle - depending on when you join in. Done with mates or workmates on things like the world cup or grand national. Done exclusively online or it is not a swaffle. Started in UK and spread worldwide.
You can swaffle the fifa world cup 2006 with a load of mates from the pub. They can't accuse you of cheating as the allocations are all random. The Swaffle pot is split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd or all or nothing for the winner.
by Happy Clappy June 13, 2006
(vb): to show a particular female feelings through mediums like:e-mails(hotmail only), telegrams, letters(US only).

(noun):swaffle - a strange hybrid between a bully and a postman.
To swaffle is a virtue.

You swaffled her until you drove her out of her medium.
by umpo June 10, 2009
Active verb, refers to the practice of two sexual partners (generally overweight homosexual men, although heterosexual overweight partners can swaffle in rare instances such as anal or pegging) using desert-based condiments, such as whipped cream or syrup as a lubricant. The etymology of the word comes from the resemblance of the jiggling excess flesh, smothered in creams and syrup, to two swedish waffles on a plate. In this respect, 'swaffle' can be said to be a contraction of 'swedish waffle', although its uncontracted form is seldom used.
"I have maple syrup and some whipped cream, do you want to swaffle tonight?"
by Wordsmith87 March 01, 2009
The most unusual method of drinking which involves very little movement of the throat muscles, however, the quantity of beverage consumed per second is vast
"Don't swaffle all of the beer too quickly, you'll get hiccoughs!!! ... and wasted"
by IngleBear December 01, 2006
To rub something on ones genitals
Bro I just swaffled that girls phone. Nice broo
by Swagdaddy J May 12, 2016
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