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6 definitions by Kimmi

Exclamation agreeing to the statement somebody has previously said. Used most commonly in the Welsh valleys
"Wanna toke on this?"
"Fuck aye!"
by kimmi January 27, 2004
27 12
sexy, sweet high school girl.
Damn,look at that girl alinta
by Kimmi March 21, 2005
12 4
smart, vouge-posing, lakers loveing, dordo/dorlody. see shelly ho. *shimmyshimmy* *does gangstah hand thing*
boy, that shelly ho sure is a super gangstah.
by kimmi October 06, 2004
6 4
Alternateed version of 'Roo', invented by Franchesca Whiley of Cardiff in 2k3. Big spelling mistake *(Ie. how do you spell crew?)
A Rooo is a member of your cru - instead of a 'peep' or 'bitch' etc.
Yes Rooo, what up?
by kimmi January 27, 2004
3 9
Hey, how ya doin', Stay safe etc. THis word was invented by Mr Gareth Thomas, brother of Adam.
(Walking past a friend or acquaintance) Swafe bro = hello , my friend. Stay safe.
by Kimmi November 14, 2003
6 13
It's when a chick is on her period.
"This sucks, sally's sick damnit"
by KiMMi June 07, 2004
1 13