1.) Stupid Weird Abnormal Dumb Elephant
2.) Code for Sean Wade, a very hot guy with very hot blue eyes
3.) A boy who humps the fat French teacher
4.) Preppy kid who plays soliloquy with Wesley
5.) Weirdo
1.) Did you see the swade?
2.) Did you see swade? Hott!
3.) Shut up and sit down, swade.
4.) Hey Wesley, swade... ew, go away.
5.) You're being such a swade.
by bittersweet_romantic February 11, 2005
Top Definition
Swade's are super cool males. They tend to be good looking and witty. Typically genius' and always gentleman. Most are caring, kind and brave.
1. Swade is super wicked smart.
2. Swade might watch House Hunters International.
3. Swade would never hump the fat french teacher.
by suzyQzee February 03, 2010
The name for how much someone wants to act stupid.
"the swade is strong in this one"
by TheWeirdElephant. February 19, 2012
A name that only uses the keys used to move in a first person shooter game (as well as e).
"You move with WASD and jump with E, you can also spell SWADE with those letters."
by Captain Sqishy March 14, 2013
Something we all do everyday
1: I'm going to get so drunk tonight
2: You are so swade bro
1: really? I guess so.....
by JNole February 26, 2015
How f*#ktards spell 'suede'
Don't step on my blue swade shoes.
by EditoriAlly March 29, 2015
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