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A show on the HGTV cable network that features a person or couple—usually wealthy or upper middle class—looking for a home that is often overpriced and too big for its own good. In my opinion the show promotes materialism, entitlement, greed and waste; and entices the viewer to keep up with the Joneses. What’s really funny is watching a couple wanting to buy another home just because they don’t like the floor plan of their current home or the color of the floors and carpet, or watching a young twenty-something couple buying a $300,000 home as their first place after getting married.
House Hunters typifies waste, entitlement and materialism in America, and is produced to entice you into keeping up with the Joneses. I wonder how many homes on the show have been foreclosed? Just a thought.
by krock1dk March 31, 2009
Worst television show ever. Hosted by Suzanne Whang, House Hunters is a show on HGTV about people who buy houses. Oh, and each episode is exactly the same. The buyers always get the house that they want.
Average House Hunters Episode:

Realtor: Would you like to see the kitchen?
Buyer: Oh, this is nice. I like the crown molding.
Realtor: This is the family room.
Buyer: Oh, this is nice. I like the crowm molding.
by coolness. July 22, 2006
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