Short for, sweet-ass. A derivitive of Sweet. Sweet+ass=Swàs. "Swuh,ass"
"Dude, that new movie was swàs"
by Andrew French March 08, 2007
Top Definition
A friend, buddy. Very popular word in the Netherlands.
Hey man, you're my swa for life.
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
South West Atlanta Streets.
I got herpes from that crack hoe I picked up in the SWAS.
by Junkup August 13, 2010
sweaty ass
man, i got mad swas
by g thug September 12, 2003
swag + sass
Shruti is swassy because she created the word swas.
by Swasmaster January 08, 2014
Something We Accomplished
Eyy!!! I got to Santa monica in 40mins!!

by sgkm March 31, 2012
A wafting smell
"Dude, you smell that swa?"
"Ya, it smells like it's coming from the shithole"
by Yourmommaspants October 29, 2011
SWAS - short for "Secretly we are strait", a word used by non-homosexual persons to replace swag but keep the douchebaggy meaning that coincides with the word(s).
Strait Guy #1: "You dude! i just did a triple backflip sideways on my longboard off a cliff and broke a leg...! I have so much swas bro!"
Strait Guy #2: "What the fuck is swas!?"

The pair then made their way to a strait bar, because they're strait; because they have swas
by Wadik July 18, 2014
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