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It is the word used to describe hot irritability of one's pubic region due to severe thrusting of pelvic regions. It can also be substituted to describe any sort of irritable situation. The term is in fact only acceptable 99.9% worldwide. The small nation of J Drury in southern Sydney, Australia resent it; they even refuse to acknowledge its existence
F**K I'm svitzing like a svitzer in this svitzer!


Dr. Hankle : oh bother, i am wearing a wetsuit and a rather dashing lasse has walked past...oh dear....by SVITZER this sucks!
by Dr. Cornwallas March 11, 2008
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A word used to express a jovial disdain for something or to draw attention to a faux pas, often followed by flatulent noises produced by the mouth or gregarious farting prior to or after use of the term.
Steve: Dude, did you get a load of that guy asking to borrow your fork? What a svitzer
by Rob zc March 11, 2008
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