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1. the gangster name for suzie.
2. wendizzle's bff 8]
"did you see that suzzle?"
"YEAH! shes a true gangsta fo sho, fooo"
by wendyyyy April 26, 2007
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(V) To suzzle / suzzling - the act of the things that are the essence of being a suzzle. Snuggling, nuzzling, nestling, being sweet and loving and affectionate with another.
Lucy's favorite time of day was after dinner when there was time to suzzle with her honey on the couch while watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV.
by LucyMay August 08, 2006
(N) a person or pet who is exceptionally good at snuggling, nuzzling, nestling, being sweet and loving, all while being so little and cute one can't help but sigh and smile.
My new puppy is such a little suzzle she sleeps in the nook beneath my chin every night.
by LucyMay August 08, 2006
Suzzle: the action of sucking.
yo suzzle ma wizzle nizzle
by snoop dawg January 28, 2005

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