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bad sushi. sushi that is below par. sub-standard sushi.
I was really craving some sushi, but since I couldn't find a decent Japanese restaurant, I ended up with some supermarket sushit instead.
by PicChickCT June 02, 2009
when you get diarrhea after eating too much sushi.
seriously, I don't think I can go out anymore. I think I'm coming down with a case of the sushits.
by DJ Frustration February 15, 2006
- (def.) the shit occurring most recently after eating much sushi.
After Josh's birthday party at an all you can eat Sushi restaurant Mike took a sushit so large it tore his perineum.
by Rivs March 08, 2013
That dreaded dump you take after eating a meal of sushi.
Username1: Hey wassup?
Username2: nmu
1: same
2: cool
1: brb, gotta take a sushit
2: okay, I'll log back in in 2 hours

John: Ugh, last night I took the worst sushit ever.
Lisa: That sucks. Want a blowjob?
John: ...
John: Yes
by Ass Kicka June 04, 2011
bad sushi; typically made with poor quality fish or other ingredients
Lorna: Wow, I'm never going to that restaurant again, all they serve is sushit!
by lucretiaaa July 20, 2010
When something good turns bad, can be used as exclamatory comment.

Originally used by African tribemembers.
Aww man my bomb ass cereal got soggy. SUSHIT!

A: That went from great to horrible so quick.

P: Yea what a sushit situation.
by jucrew1 October 19, 2013

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