Abbr. for "Shut up slut"
Blair: Can't believe I hooked up with that guy and gave him my number...
Jenny: SUS, you love it.
by Fryen Pan June 26, 2011
sus short for sustanon an injectable steroid 2 most common form of steroid first being dbol-dinabol
let me get a cycle of sus
by you go May 20, 2006
Acronym for "SHUT UP SLUT!"
David: yeah, I told my mom SUS last night

Gino: woah! what did she do??

David: beat me with a wooden spoon....
by leeknivek September 07, 2011
A Short form that little woodbridge brats use for the word "Colossus" the movie theatre owned by famous players.
"Lets hit up sus y0"
by A.C.S April 20, 2006
Sobering Up Sunday the day after Silly Ass Saturday where people get their asses drunk and wasted. Or tapped, like the keg from which they were boozing from.
Man, I got so trashed last night. It's SUS for me today.
by flilme November 17, 2007
its what you say before getting into your car

more commonly used when your slap happy and you dont know what your saying

any kind of sauce
the first thing hank said before getting into his truck was sus.

Brandon: Dude, you guys are super lucky that manbearpig didnt attack you!-
Max: SUS!

Are you going to put that cheese sus on your pizza?
by tt slim August 05, 2010
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