Being suspect. Doing or being sketchy or being scandalous.
Eric is sus by not paying gas money and texting other girls.
by Sidd Poot June 23, 2013
Abbr. for "Shut up slut"
Blair: Can't believe I hooked up with that guy and gave him my number...
Jenny: SUS, you love it.
by Fryen Pan June 26, 2011
Stands for colossus in Woodbridge
Jordan: yoo lets go to suss

Jay: ok.
by Vicki Rossi November 05, 2010
shorthand for see you soon
that was a great talk, yeah, ok, sus... not
by bro #171-1 April 01, 2010
stand up straight
when I sus my back feels so much better
by walkabout November 21, 2010
Acronym for "SHUT UP SLUT!"
David: yeah, I told my mom SUS last night

Gino: woah! what did she do??

David: beat me with a wooden spoon....
by leeknivek September 07, 2011
sus short for sustanon an injectable steroid 2 most common form of steroid first being dbol-dinabol
let me get a cycle of sus
by you go May 20, 2006

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