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A television show where Les Stroud, a survival expert, lives in the wild for a week while filming the experience.

He brings no food, no shelter and no water. Stroud is all alone--no camera crew--and carries fifty pounds of camera gear along with him as he goes.

Some of the first two seasons include spending 7 days in the Boreal forest, Georgia swamps, Kalahari desert, Amazon rain forest and the arctic.

Don't be fooled by Survivorman's can-do, "aw, shucks" likability--he will still be standing after the bombs fall and will repopulate the earth with a new race of affable Canadians.
by Providence 401 November 03, 2008
a man that is a survivor of all dangers and extreams.
the show "survivor man" is a great example.
by kolyany November 01, 2007
Any man badass enough to be named Bear Grylls, who can live for an entire week off snakes, bugs, and wood. The true "man".
yo, Bear Grylls just caught that shark with his teeth. He is a true survivorman!
by Ramie J. December 08, 2006
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