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1. Happenings that when intersected into one's own sphere of reality, strike oneself as surreal or fantastic.
2. A group's consensus reality as it appears to a non-involved individual or group, especially if profound differences exist between the two parties.
1. Meg's conversation with the Amway representative gave her a view into the surreality of vertical marketing schemes.
2. Upon their first visit to the countryside, many urban-dwelling folk are amazed at the archaic surreality still embodied in rural America.
by xaocoh September 25, 2006
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The opposite of reality.

A world, time, place described by surrealists through paintings, sculpture, writing, et cetera.
My mind is fixated in surreality, time can melt, hallways change length, and there are no words but touch.
by bob.the.mang.o December 04, 2005

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