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Vaginal and anal intercourse, whether sequentially by one person or simultaneously by two. Surf is for the shrimpy front, turf is the for the soil and fertilizer in the rear.
After wining and dining her on champagne, steak and lobster, he was looking forward to returning with her to his place for the surf and turf dessert.
by Yaybob October 11, 2006
Looser - (n.) 1. Internet troll that calls others a loser on a public message board, but can't spell it. 2. (adj.) More loose.
Ex : "yeah you stoupid ain not scienteist even but you think you are. You are a looser."
by Yaybob January 23, 2011
in the now old-fashioned style of the future as envisioned in the 1950's and 1960's, when it was assumed that all problems would be conquered by science by now, that we would live to 125, travel in personal spaceships, have robotic servants, and that Mom would prepare dinner in pill form with the touch of a finger in her space kitchen.
The old Star Trek episodes have a distinctly Jetsonic feel to them today.

That big concrete icon at LAX looks Jetsonic now.
by Yaybob December 10, 2007
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