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like the sun, he is capable of brightening up anybodies day with his great sense of humor and ability to make u laugh in a split second.
Like the sun and rain; when tears come down, Suraj dries them up.
by the one January 06, 2005
suraj is...
- inlove with a beautiful girl
- loves fuzzy hair
- loves to cuddle
- is VERY attractive
- has a lot of friends
- nerd 0_0
- dresses sexy
- loved...
Damn i wish i was suraj like ;)
by liqour July 18, 2009
Suraj is a Hindu God of the sun. He created everything in our solar system, and made himself the sun.
Suraj = Sun God
by obamafan#1 April 24, 2009
Genius,Master martial artist,acrobat,detective,marksman master of stealth and disguise,highly proficient with technology,trained computer hacker,photographic memory.....he's the hero Gotham deserves and the one it needs right now
The Caped Crusader= Suraj
by Trevor007 December 10, 2013
Suraj is a large mammal which tends to fall asleep tyring to do anything... when i say anything it means anything...

Sometimes Suraj is also reffered to the Aangs sleepy bison, Appa, whch tends to wake up when yelled "Yip-yip"....

Alternately the word Suraj can also be used as " Sleep Monster".
"Hey Kumbhkaran wake up.. Don't be Suraj". said Ravana on his attemp to wake him.
by surjonnydepp June 12, 2011
A short brown kid who pimps the IP like no other but the pretends that he is gay.
Hey Suraj what did you do last night? "Studied particle physics in the bathroom."
What he really did: hooked up with some Indian girl.
by thegreat December 14, 2004
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