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A strange word popular in the Linlithgow / West Lothian area. Youngsters will often shout this word to others farther away as a kind of greeting, usually in a high-pitched voice. Very often it is shouted (or 'called') when annoying a teacher or harassing a fellow youngster. It is an offensive term. Similar words include wimp, pussy, and gab.
Dinnae be a supo, take a drink!
HAHA! Look at you! SUUPOOOO!!
by Camz June 07, 2004
A wordslacker who would rather sit behind a computer monitor and play RPG games and IRC than to go out in public and actually talk to human beings.
There's no reason to even ask Steve if he'll come out to the bar with us... he's Supo, remember?
by citizenk September 01, 2003
A word to be used and spelled (as is) to precede an adjective immediately to describe events that are too amazing to even comprehend.
That girl is SUPOhot!
by PedestrianJon September 09, 2005
Random wankers around our area just shout "supo" randomly because they are dense
by Linithgow Mosher February 17, 2004
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