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A person that is a fan of the shows Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. They cry a lot, and tend to take over text posts on social media sites.
"What is that post talking about?"

"It's probably a Superwholockian ranting again."
by DontBlink1969 September 12, 2013
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A superwholockian is a fangirl/fanboy who is obsessed with the shows supernatural, sherlock, and doctor who. They tend to cry a lot, and if you go against them, well, good luck. And if you insult their ship, move to mexico, change your name to Pablo, and hide in a hole, because trust me, they will try to kill you.
God, what the heck is wrong with her?

She's probably just a superwholockian. They have the weirdest rants.
by Skyfallingfangirl January 17, 2015

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