Top Definition
1. excellent
with outstanding or excellent qualities

2. superb
greater than what is normal

3. great
used to express enthusiasm, approval, or agreement

4. hella good
used to express amazement at and approval of some event or piece of information
Was that Lost Season 2 finale supertastic or not, Mel?!
by gemmi_joo August 11, 2006
When something is better than super and fantastic combined. Better than millions of flailing penguins. And when squiddles aren't a good enough measuring device for happiness. That's supertastic!
"Thom is the most supertastic baby in the world!"
by Ash-o-ley July 28, 2006
super + fantastic + indecision over which word to use
"How was the concert?"
"It was totally supertastic!"
by supertasticsauce July 24, 2012
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