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pooping hard
Jane blew an o-ring and dropped a lung while trying to superpoop.
by The Steve October 30, 2003
a poop that is a least eight inches long and three inches thick. A person that accidentally forgets to poop one day might have a super poop but it won't be a real one because you took more than one day. Also, if you have a super poop three consecutive days twice in one month, you become a professional super pooper.
Mike- Dude, i just had a super poop!
Charlie- Awesome!
Mike- Wanna see it?
Charlie- Yeah man. Which bathroom is it in?
Mike-the one right bye the TV room
Charlie- Oh well, i was only watching Family Guy.
by Drummond June 22, 2007
When there is so much poop in one place from one person/creature you might belive it was from three people/creatures.
Evan: Dude your dog just super pooped everywhere in your basement
Tyler: Not again...
by Kingoflakes August 07, 2010
Any cigarette that isnt a name brand and usually tastes bad or give you a headache.
Guy 1: Hey man do you have a cigarette?

Guy 2: I have a superpoop.

Guy 1: Na, thats cool, I need to go to the store anyway.
by Broke smoker July 30, 2009
someone in some form of relationship with a worthy (or poopsable) girl.
"You are the superpoops now. I'm just your sidepoops."
by MisterPoops January 19, 2009
A baby. So called because the mechanics of having a baby are akin to taking a dump but heavier. Credit goes to my friend Diego for inventing this term.
Mary had a super poop, he weighed 5 ounces.
by PooWarrior October 31, 2010
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