1. Suprefly is a word from the early 1970's which in most cases means really cool/really good

2. Ron O'neal star or the 1972 cult classic. he plays preist a coke dealer who if infact SUPER FLY
Man this is some Super Fly sh!t
by Samizzle July 03, 2004
Top Definition
adj. Expanding the scope of fly. Suaveness elevated by redeeming characteristics such as intelect, sophistication, sensuality, charm and respect.
Leonardo DiCaprio may be a pimp, but Edward Norton is superfly. He is fluent in Japanese, has a History degree from Yale, a Golden Globe and has dated Salma Hayek.
by Chadly August 02, 2006
awsome, great, cool, hot...
showing appreciation or approval
"damn girl u super fly..."
by |-|3||r4z0r aka sas June 18, 2003
1) A kick@zz fly that doesnt take nothing from nobody. Even when inebriated, still able to take names. See Also Super Fly and Supafly.
Origin: Joe Cartoon
2) Really Wicked Cool
1)Hey look man, its Superfly, the most kick@zz fly that don't take nothing from nobody.
2) The Offspring were pretty fly, but Cake is Superfly.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
to be cool, hot, on point, awesome. can be used to describe hair, clothes or genaral style.
Yoh Ibby, you look superfly with that hair
by ricky 101 August 11, 2015
A 70's expression for a small Criminal.
Listen to songs from Curtis Mayfield or Rick James like "superfly" (its even a Movie)
by Herr Kujat September 08, 2005
1)highly acrobatic
2)pretty, drop dead gorgeous
3)light, airy
she is absoultly superfly. also see fly.
by sunny dawg January 09, 2005
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