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A person that wears a superman shirt but will bleed from the chest plate when you shoot that said person in the chest
The saying is REALLY said like this:

Don't wear that shirt, wear a shirt that says "I bleed if you shoot me in the chest plate" and i will not shoot you in the chest plate........ superbleeder!
by Myloveislikewo18 March 05, 2006
someone who wears a superman shirt, but bleeds from the chestplate when you shoot him.
Don't wear that shirt, wear a shirt that says i bleed from the chestplate if you shoot me, and i wont shoot you, superbleeder.
by kodi_bear October 20, 2005
one who bleeds if you shoot them in the chest plate
guess not...super bleeder
by rachel <3's andy July 11, 2006
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