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an over used adjective used by air headed girls to describe almost anything that looks good
Alessandra: Like me and my boyfriend are super cute together. Check my facebook we're superr cute
by yep101 June 03, 2010
(adj) going above and beyond the normal range of cuteness/hotness. usually used when no other word would suffice.
the ! is used for extra emphasis if needed
There is a supercute! German guy in my basement.
by writerchick July 31, 2009
Everything that includes bunnies, rainbows, skittles, bright colors, kissing, cuddling, birds chirping, marshmallows, anything pink, cupcakes, bows, baby chicks, couples(the cute ones ONLY), unicorns, toots that smell like roses, glitter, fruity drinks, daisies, watermelon lip balm, and puppies.
OMG did you see Trixy's dress today? OMG it was Super Cute!
by Qtpa2t April 02, 2014
The technical term for a person who posts on forums under the name 'AA' , AA being short for 'Artemis Attacks' .
Person A : Look! Someone is posting on this forum under the name 'AA'!
Person B : Yeah, have you never seen this phenomenon before? A person like this is known as 'super cute'
by U0312E May 05, 2005
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