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1) The state of having a bigger penis than another person or group of people, as an individual or a group, real or perceived.

2) Precedence of position, status , in a group; based on size of penis and/or balls , real or percieved.
!)a) Jane Doe knew that John Smith had supeniorty over John Adams, that John Adams had supeniority over the math team, and that the football team had supeniority over the Johns.
!)b) Jane hung on John's every word because of his supeniority over her boyfriend Jim. Jane assumed that since John was 6'10", John's dick was huge, way bigger than Jim's, and Jane wanted it.

2)a) James followed John to the club, and encouraged other bros to do so, because of John's supeniorty. James saw John's dick, knew it was bigger than his, and followed John because he wanted it.
2)b) Mike imagined that since John got with a lot girls, John must have supeniority over him. Therefore, he followed John to the club and listened to his advice to pick up the girls John brushed off.
2)c) After seeing John hang brain on the cafeteria table, Jake knew of John's supeniorty, and listened to John's advice over that of others, hopin to learn the secret of big, full balls.
2)d) After seeing John hang brain on the cafeteria table, Mitch followed him because of his supeniority. After all, it takes balls to put your testicles on a table people are eating on.
by Dirty G$ January 27, 2011
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