Top Definition
A really old lady.

An elderly woman that yells at young people and beats them with her cane.

Old lady that forgot to take her senior moment pills.

A misspelling of of aunty or auntie, usually by an old person that can't type and / or spell.
We were going to go to the mall, but sunty for got her senior moment pills and can find the car keys.

LOL theres sunty whacking the kids with her cane again.

Oh no, we lost sunty again!
Thats ok, we fed her beans, we'll just follow her by the smell.
by meijer2000 November 10, 2009
Where someone get diarreah injected into their boobs then has it sucked out their nipple.
Last nite i gave your mum a sunty
by Mr Junty May 09, 2004
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