A word originating from the movie Silence of the Lambs. Around the time Clarice is walking to meet Hannibal for the first time, she unknowingly grabs the attention of a resident psychotic man in a adjacent cell, who throws a handful of semen on her, while saying "I can smell your cunt!"

On network television broadcasts of this movie, though, instead of the word "cunt," the man says "scent," or "I can smell your scent!" The man's mouth is still saying "cunt" which then makes the word seem as if it is saying "SCEOUNT" but can easily be said as "SUNT."
Clarice walks by the crazy man.
Man throws a wad of prison semen on Clarice.
Man exclaims "I CAN SMELL YOUR SUNT!"
by mitchell fuckin t December 18, 2007
Top Definition
sunt is a contraction of stupid and cunt

used by myself to call someone a stupid cunt in public without offending anyone too ignorant to put 2 and 2 together (which im told is 5)
uhh you sunt (thats original)
by SeamusImperial December 20, 2004
The feeling one gets after being riffed, served, insulted or blazed.

Somebody is sunt when they are made fun of and get mad, or simply cannot provide a comeback.

Synonyms: salty, depressed, defeated
Lamar: "Hey Rob, you get those kicks at the thrift store?"

*people laugh*

Rob is now sunt.
by Jammalle April 02, 2011
past tense of "send". It refers to the transfer from one to another.
" I sunt her an email yesterday"
by kallyD September 07, 2011
Act of partaking in a voyage or hunt for sour beers.
On our SUNT we scored some amazing brews
by OBeacian May 06, 2015
CUNT pronounced as in French would if the C had a cidilla. (Soft C sount.) A piss elegant way of calling someone a cunt.
Tres jolie! You are such a sunt!
by Frankie & Johnnie April 23, 2005
When you get served and you can't do anything about it.
Oooooh son, you just got SUNT. NOW WHAT?
by killakyraskeetskeet July 23, 2010
A nasty slutty girl: slut/cunt
I'd never go out with that dirty sunt.
by THPOLING February 02, 2010
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