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to get intensly, rigorously fucked without mercy
Dude, the way your mom is walking up the stairs, she must have gotten pounded last night.
by Stee April 30, 2003
affirmative or agreement statement; similar to cool or tight
Chad: Hey, I heard that Scott's mom threw down last night!
Kurt: Hum bra, she tore me up...got me all soar and 'ish
by Stee April 29, 2003
ho, chick, slut, bitch (non offensive)
Tonight, after I pick up the peladas, Im headed to Smolen's house for the afterparty
by Stee April 29, 2003
to inject or penetrate a penis into a vagina
Chad: "So, on your date with Mrs. Heath, did you get to slap it in?"
Kurt: "No, her beef curtains got in the way"
by Stee April 29, 2003
Often used in place of the word 'cunt'.
Can be said in public places without most people knowing what you really mean.
I wanna fuck that fine girls sunt.
She is such a sunt.
by Stee March 29, 2003

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