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4 definitions by DrOk63

When a woman or man with gross beaver teeth bites into the penis of a person when they are giving them a blowjob.
SARAH: "What did u do last night?"
NICOLE: "I found out that I was a peepee gnarler."
by DrOk63 February 27, 2003
When a woman fills a condom with frozen chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and puts it over a man's erect penis.
DAN: "How was ur night?"
MIKE: "It was good, I got a cold turkey."
by DrOk63 February 27, 2003
A word that is used to describe a dirty clit, or cunt. Also used by fat assholes in a misspelling of aunt.. i.e. HUGE AUNT
"She has a fat and nastay sunt!"
by DrOk63 April 01, 2003
Just before a person has to excret feces, someone else dumps a bag or mottzerella cheese into their asshole, lays down, opens their mouth, and gets feces and cheese put into their mouth.
JIM: "What's ur favorite sex game?"
MATT: "I like the pizza maker."
by DrOk63 February 27, 2003