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an unwanted feeling of frusteration and disappiontment, expieranced on sundays (although it has been known to have been felt as early as saturday). this feeling occurs as a result of one comming to the realisation that their weekend has come to an end, and that the following day, a new and rigorous week of work will begin. upon first expierancing this effect, the remainder of ones weekend is generally ruined, as every feeling will be overidden by dissappointment of the impending future.
Trevor: Aww shucks James, you sure havent been yourself today, what's the matter?

James: *sigh* It's nothing, just that i can't believe this weekend is over...

Trevor: Let me guess. It seems as if no ammount of happiness could possibily overide the dissappointment you feel in your realisation that tomorrow is the start of yet another ordianary week, during which you will be forced into doing the same generic and repetitive tasks that you will be doing for the rest of your life.

James: Wow, it's as if you know exactly how I feel.

Trevor: You, my friend, have the sunday effect.
by Minesweeper May 12, 2007
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