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weed shits generally happen after a long night of blazing and trying to stem the tide of munchies. As we all know the best food to deal with said munchies is junk food which is barely digestible. Therefore the next morning about 90% of the food that was consumed is forced out the opposite end that it went in.
Oh man i just had the worst case of the weed shits in my life
by ajax2220 October 31, 2009
Sunday nights, right before the work week begins, when almost everyone you know gets on Facebook giving an artificial boost to the amount of friends normally seen online
dude it's Sunday night i gotta check Facebook to make sure i didn't miss anything from the weekend. oh look everyone else i know is on guess it's the Sunday Night Effect

i have like 10 assignments due tomorrow (Monday)... hmm wonder what's happening on Facebook..
by ajax2220 February 07, 2010

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