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A development in the western part of Las Vegas bought and named by Howard Hughes. The name Summerlin is his mother's maiden name. The Howard Hughes Corporation has been given awards from the Sierra Club for integrating the culture of the native land into the development.
I would love to live in Summerlin
The schools are better in Summerlin
You can't afford Summerlin
by noearthlyidea May 25, 2014
(adj.) A name for a seemingly evil girl. She seems quiet once you first look at her and fairly monotone, but once you truly get to know her you learn that she can be loud, humorous, and sometimes act like the spawn of Satan. She's lived through the torture of being the youngest sibling and takes annoying her older siblings very seriously. Summerlin is manipulative, cunning, and knows how to get what she wants. She's as quiet as a mouse during her school or work hours, but once she's in the comfort of her home or with the company of a friend, you'll never get her to shut up. Despite everything else, she's responsible, loyal, and protective as Hell with close friends. She seems like a savage, but she knows how to get things done and is very opinionated. To her enemies, she's a creature from Hell and often acts mean, angry, rude, and bitchy towards them. If you find a Summerlin, get to know her instead of judging her.
Person 1: I tried to flirt with Gizelle in gymn today, but her friend, Summerlin, jumped in front of her and hissed at me. She belongs in an insane institute.

Person 2: She's not that bad once you get to know her. I would recommend not acting like a total dousche in front of her next time.
by TytaAlba October 12, 2015
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