A seriously kick ass band.

Current albums:

Chuck (Released October 12, 2004)

Does This Look Infected? (Released November 26, 2002)

All Killer No Filler (Released May 8, 2001)

Half Hour of Power (Released June 27, 2000)

My favorite songs by them are Thanks For Nothing (from DTLI) and Angels With Dirty Faces (from Chuck).
A totally kick ass band.
by Blahb April 22, 2005
deryck whilbey is so hot!!!!!!!! sum 41 arent posers. they r so great and koolio! i love them, their music, and deryck whilbey.
deryck whilbey(hot.) cone (hot.) the rest (not so hot)
by catherine February 28, 2005
a kickass band who rocks cauz of there music not there looks!
whats dere 2 say...SUM 41 KICKS ASS!
by some1 July 22, 2004
Kickass music group!! what more can you say... oh and we get they point they arent hardocre punksters... SO WHAT??
Sum 41 are a great band!!!
by Tinman November 10, 2003
A decently good band that apparently cant get past every body else either saying that they are punk wannabes or the fact that the people who enjoy them demand to treat other music like shit.

Seriously its just music people, it does mean something but not what you are all trying to attach to it.
"Dude I just went to a Sum 41 show!"
"Oh was it cool?"
"Yeah, but I also like Blink 182 as well."
by BLAM-O March 10, 2009
Sum 41 is a band that, throughout their career, have played many genres on their different cds, though by their lifestyle and antics within and outside of the band, i would call them a punk band. if goign by music solely i would say that a majority of their music is pop punk due to the musical structure, though the lyrics are generally pure punk. Sum 41 are my favourite band, and this is me saying what i think to be true and not discriminating or being biast to either sdie of the argument over genre
Sum 41's videos are punk, sum 41s lyrics are punk, sum 41s everything is punk, so dont tell me that they,a s peopel, are not fuckign punk
Don't count on me, CAUSE IM NOT LISNING-fatlip
i dont wanna waste my time, become another casualty of society, dont wanna fall in line, become another victim of the conformity, BACK DOWN-fatlip
coz we're doing fine
and we don't need to be told
and we're doing fine
coz we won't give you control
and we don't need anything from you
and we'll be just fine
coz we won't be bought and sold
just like you -subject to change (b-side track)
by Mr dontgiveafuck September 11, 2006
Sum 41,containing Deryck whibley, Dave baksh, Steve jocz, and Jason McCaslin A.K.A. Cone

All the members from sum41 resign in Canada,and started the band in 1996, and then got a record deal with Island Records in 1999. The came out with there first EP in 2000 "Half Hour Of Power". The year was 2001 and "All killer no filler" hit the shelves. Then in 2002 " Does this look infected?" came out and sold millions. Finally "Chuck" came out in 2004 and again was selling like crazy.
Familiar songs by sum41

Intoo deep
Still waiting
Hell song
by steven classified April 30, 2005

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