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A female deamon who visits men in there sleep to steal there semen.
A sukubus is a female deamon who visits men in there sleep and arouses them through erotic dreams. the man wakes just before ejaculation but is unable to move. She then steals his seed (semen) them male version of this is an incubus.
#sucubi #succubus #sucubus #sukubi #succubi.
by sukubus huntress January 14, 2010
A female whom uses sexual favors and her evil transe over a male to make him do anything. Once she is satisfied she will leave him heartless and empty but still wanting her back
I feel bad for matt, he didn't realize his exgirlfriend was a sukubus until it was too late
#bitch #whore #she devil #whipped #succubus
by Kevin bonez October 09, 2007
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